By B. Keller


just might be a good day

to teach a little bit of



Might be a good day

to remind the world

we were the first to die

when America stood against

the rule of one man,

that we fought to reunite

the “house divided”,

and the “war to end all wars”,

the battle at Pearl Harbor,

the tiny island of Iwo Jima,

and the “Great War” to “save”

the world.

We served in the Korean Conflict,

and the war in Vietnam,

the Gulf War,

The Persian Gulf,

in Iraq and Iran,

and Afghanistan.


We are buried in graves

from Boston to Gettysburg,

from Flanders Field

to Arlington,

from the jungles of Southeast Asia

to the deserts of Afghanistan.


We built the White House

laid out the design of this nation’s


We were the backbone of this nation’s


we saved the agriculture of the South,

(despite being chained, beaten, raped

and lynched).


We took gold in 1908in London

with a runner born to slaves

in ’36 in Germany against the

“superior” race,

in ‘48 at London,

in ’60 in Rome,

in ’64 in Tokyo

and ’68 in Mexico City,

in ’84 at Los Angeles

’92 at Barcelona, Atlanta in ‘96

and ’08 in Beijing.


We made blood transfusions possible,

and performed heart surgery,

and invented the traffic light,

and the gas mask, the Real McCoy

helped Bell and Edison to make

their inventions work,

and we brought America

blues, jazz, r and b,

and hip hop.



Might just be a good day

to teach a little bit of



Go on.

You can look it up.