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Published by FriesenPress, Doing The Right Thing is an insider’s view on the state of American education. Who controls today’s conversation about what education should be in the classroom? Bill Gates? Arne Duncan? Michelle Rhee? Do politicians or the media? Why educators on the front line are excluded from the conversation is baffling. While debate rages between parties on who is to blame for the lagging test scores and general aptitude in classrooms across America, thousands of talented and loved teachers are models of what works, even across socioeconomic lines. Greene uses his decades of experience to create a guide for other professionals, as well as shed light on the issue for parents, concerned citizens, and everyone affected by the crisis in our schools.

Doing The Right Thing – A Teacher Speaks is available for order from FriesenPress.com/bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other major book retailers. The eBook edition is available for download on Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Google Play.

David Greene was born in Los Angeles but was raised in what is now called the South Bronx. He went to public schools in the Bronx, including The Bronx High School Of Science. After graduating from Fordham University’s Undergraduate School of Education he went on to teach social studies and coach football at A.E. Stevenson HS in the Bronx, Woodlands HS in Greenburgh NY, and Scarsdale HS in Scarsdale NY, for 38 years. He was an adjunct and field supervisor for Fordham University thus mentoring Teach For America Corps Members in the Bronx. He is a staff member of WISE Services and treasurer of Save Our Schools.

He has appeared three times on Bronx Talk with Gary Axelbank. His blog posts have appeared in Anthony Cody’s Living In Dialogue as well as Diane Ravitch’s. His work has appeared in Valerie Strauss’s Washington Post web-based column, The Answer Sheet. He wrote the most responded-to Sunday Dialogue letter in the New York Times entitled, “A Talent For Teaching,” May 4, 2013. Most recently, he has been featured in two Gannett Company Lo-Hud newspaper articles and blogs regarding education reform.

This book is a result of his experiences and his strong desire to pay forward what he has learned over the years. He continues to fight for public schools.


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