What the hell is going on?superego-ego-id

What has happened to civility? Compromise? Common sense, discussion? Listening? I have come to the conclusion that this craziness is not based on policy. Rather it is based on our emotional connections to policies and policy makers. We simply cannot admit we are wrong, we haven’t done our homework, the other side has some valid points, or that we have been conned by one of the most successful celebrity con men in our history.

If we stop to take a breath and look at ourselves in the mirror, what might we find? Our egos will not let us admit the errors of our ways. Ego prevents us from listening. It stokes our anger. It enrages rather than calms. It allows our Id to run amok.

What has happened to our individual and collective Super-ego. It is supposed to internalize cultural rules and organize our thoughts rationally. It works in contradiction to the Id. The Super-ego wants us to act in a socially appropriate manner. The Super-ego controls our sense of right and wrong and guilt. It helps us fit into society by getting us to act in socially acceptable ways. That is what we have lost.

According to David Brooks, “The chief struggle of the day is sociological and psychological, not ideological or economic. The substrate layer of American society — the network of relationships and connection and trust that everything else relies upon — is failing. And the results are as bloody as any war. And here’s the hard part of the war: It’s not between one group of good people and another group of bad people. The war runs down the middle of every heart. It is the battle between Id/Ego and Superego. Most of us are part of the problem we complain about.”

Most of us live in insular media and social bubbles that affirm our own moral superiority, thus congratulating our Id. Our Ego is pleased.

The good news is that most of us are part of the solution as well. Most of us can balance the battle between Id and Superego. All we have to do is convince our Ego.

Let your Super-ego determine how you vote November 6thand in 2020.

Let it make you join groups like http://www.better-angels.org