Defined as granting or inclined to grant permission as in permissive parents; characterized by freedom of personal behavior or a disregard of social mores, the term was heavily used to describe the parenting practices of my generation of baby boomers. It was sparked by the changes of the 1960s and a revolt against the practices of their far stricter parents. As in every decision in life, there were intended and unintended consequences to this generational decision. Were the consequences of the acceptability of permissiveness the far-reaching social, economic, and political issues we face today in our wild and wacky society?

I am a proud independent, anti-authoritarian, libertarian, liberal and moderate progressive. (If you know me, pick your own label.) But folks, somehow we got things totally screwed up. I know what I am about to go on record saying may piss off a bunch of you but tough shit. See, I already did, but made George Carlin Proud.

Speaking of my comic hero, why is it that the most anti-authoritarian, independent, libertarian, liberal, progressives in our country today are comics (some not even citizens) like Samantha Bee, Lewis Black, Ronnie Chieng, Steven Colbert, Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic, Bill Maher, Hasan Minaj, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, John Stewart, Larry Wilmore, Michelle Wolf, and Roy Wood Jr. Sorry about the alphabetical listing Roy.

These comic pundits make more sense and are far more transparent than their “news” counterparts. Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce would be proud.

Plus, I would sooner vote for them than most politicians running for office these days.

They don’t care if conservatives, moderates, or liberals commit the vulgarities of society. They just point them out, as will I.

PERMISSIVE actually means to permit.

Here is a short list of ways I believe our true values, norms and mores have been disregarded and destroyed.

WE NOW FREELY PERMIT, in no particular order:

  • Trolls. Yes, that means some of you.
  • An incredible lack of civility and the courage to restore it.
  • Censorship in the name of political correctness as the norm for liberal colleges.
  • Free Speech for me and not for Thee.
  • No real Gun control.
  • The rise of corporate power and wealth beyond anything in the past.
  • The destruction of the only protection workers EVER had – Unions.
  • The extermination and incarceration of black males.
  • Turning immigration into a bad word.
  • Wage slavery especially for typically women’s jobs like health care, day care, and retail workers.
  • Parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids.
  • The destruction of our once proud public education system.
  • The ignoring of the failures of our education system to pick up on the distinct needs of male students as it did the needs for females.
  • Only 43% of college enrollees are male and 140 women will graduate with a college degree at some level this year for every 100 men.
  • BUT, on the other hand… female college grads earn about $8,000 less than heir male counterparts.
  • Republicans to get away with obstruction of just government for years.
  • Too many Democrats with no courage.
  • The resulting ineptitude of governments to improve conditions in this country.
  • The likes of Ryan, McConnell, Cruz to control Congress.

I think George would smile at this list.

And of course we have permitted…Donald Trump.

Need I say more?