imagesWe have come to a fork in the road, and like Yogi Berra, we have to make a decision. As he said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” The question we need to decide is where does the fork lead us.

We must examine our strategies and have our tactics fit them. Random protests cannot be just random. They must be pointed to goals. That forces us to understand another basic concept. Goals set must be goals obtainable. Boycotts and electronic petitions are worse than meaningless unless thy succeed. Tactics must be planned that can achieve victories, however small. Anything else is a victory for them.

To succeed we must know what we can accomplish within the next TWO years. Why? Because we must look at what a Republican controlled Congress will NOT DO. And so far that is listen to reason, even if it is their own. They are so consumed with power they will fall into step behind the Trumpsters.

So the strategic plan must fall into the smaller box that the present government make up gives us. We must succeed within that box first. We must make it the strategic goal to win back political power in the states and in congress in 2018. ALL Tactics must be designed to that end. Then we focus on winning the elections in 2020. Otherwise we are to succumb to another 2 years or more of the same crap we have seen the first two weeks of the Trump Dictatorship. After all this Revolution of theirs took 36 years to develop.