by B. Keller

People keep trying

to computerize teaching,

remove the human factors,

take out the human elements,

but you cannot mechanize lives

or reduce humans

to robots.






each one

plays its part.


Teaching is not

an hermetically sealed


or a push button console.

It cannot be measured

like a batting average

or arrived at through the machinations

of a scientific calculator.


Teaching is a hands on

touch and go

give and take thing.


It is a sometimes you win

sometimes you lose proposition

in which all the parts are not equal

and not everyone is working

at the same speed

or in the same time frame.


The human element

defies time and logic

and perfectly matched pieces.

It defies one-size-fits-all,

lock step formats,

(and creativity cannot be



Teaching is not theoretical

or mechanical,

nor can it be entered

like some function on a



Teaching is still what happens

when you join the desire

to know more

with the willingness to free

what you know,

still the interaction of the

human element,

of lives

acting upon the lives

of others.