Thank you for rational thought. ‪#‎stillsanders‬ IF you put your trust in the man who never really wanted to be president, who only wanted to change the values of the Democratic party, then put your trust in his decisions.

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Robert Borosage has a long history in service of progressive causes. He has been an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders.

In this post, he explains why Bernie endorsed Hillary and how the movement that Bernie started will make a difference and rebuild the Democratic party.

He writes:

The political revolution that fueled the Sanders campaign must continue to build. It must use the battles during Clinton’s first term to deepen popular understanding, to consolidate a multi-racial movement, to reach out to disaffected working and poor people to show there is an alternative – and it is not on the right. It has to mobilize to demonstrate that business as usual cannot continue. The massive, non-violent demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter illustrates what can be done. The entrenched interests must be challenged frontally, uncomfortably, so they too understand that something must be done. The political revolution can then capture…

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