Dear FB “friends”,


Some of you are near and dear to me as close friends and family. This is not addressed to you.

Some of you are colleagues, both present or past, or students. This isn’t really addressed to you.

Some of you are fellow fighters in the war to protect public education and good teaching and unfortunately what follows does pertain to some of you.

Finally, some of you are FB friends because somewhere along the line we had an interest in posts we posted or commented on. So this probably pertains to many of you as well.

In the name of civility, community, positive nationalism, good mental health and physical well being, I ask you this:

If you cannot exhibit moderation or a willingness to listen, compromise, and discuss rationally, controversial issues such as Gun Control, Bigotry and Racism in America, UNFRIEND ME NOW.

If you post hate speech, hate mongering, or insults of people who disagree with you, UNFRIEND ME NOW.

If you are a die hard supporter of political candidates, like Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Carson, who also use such speech, or cannot speak in civil tones about candidates you would not vote for, UNFRIEND ME NOW.

Finally, just in general, I did not join FB groups to support public education to argue with extremists on other issues. If this includes you, UNFRIEND ME NOW.

If you don’t, I am afraid I will simply unfriend you the next time I have to be disgusted by one of your posts.

Perhaps we all need to say that to bring back civil discourse.

As a former Social Studies teacher, I encouraged discourse and a free exchange of ideas, but immediately hammered anyone in class who became intolerant and rude.

It is time to put an end to it.

Thank You,