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6855692607_d6be476a0f_mRonald Reagan’s policies (or those written for him) created the supply side, trickle down, ass backwards, form of “freestyle” capitalism we have had for 40 years. They have led to the downfall of the middle class and the destruction of Public Education.

Obviously, economic policies have far-reaching effects.

Too many Americans have too little knowledge of economics other than the crap they are sold by mostly Republican and Democratic propagandists,  bought by corporate and financial world interests

And what do Americans know to combat that propaganda? Not much.

The basic course in economics given in High School (in those states that require it) is usually taught through textbooks with tables of content that look like this:

All of that is supposed to be done in a 15 week, all breadth, no depth course.  As a result here is almost always NO attempt to show the effects of economics or economic policy affects the American public except as consumers or workers. (And even this is very biased in favor of the system.)

Of course there are some schools (i.e. teachers) who say,”Bull Shit, I’ve got to get my kids to see the repercussions and consequences of economic policy.” but those are  too few. Most have been too restricted by district policies.

Ask 1000 Americans if they took economics in High School.

Ask those who said yes if they liked it or remember anything they learned.

Ask those if they learned how government economic policies like”Keynesian” or “Reaganomics” actually affect their lives or how economic inequality has become worse than ever in our history, including the “Gilded Age” and “Roaring Twenties”.

It doesn’t take much asking to see that present and future citizens of voting age know very little know about the effects of public economic policy and therefore cannot grasp how their political force can turn the Reagan Legacies around.

If they did, the American public would be in a better economic place than they are after 40 years of Reaganomics, Bush 1 Voodoo economics, “Clintonian” triangulation economics, Bush 2 Voodoo economics, and even Obama style economic change economics.

Let’s remember what Clinton’s 1992 campaign said, “It’s the economy Stupid!