cuomomadnessSome basic science and history: there will be an equal and OPPOSITE reaction to this decision made by Emperor Cuomo and his foolish legislative slaves…This is obviously another example of a lack of historical understandings.

I believe what is going on in education today and especially in NYS fits all of the criteria to be marked as FOLLY… the commitment of foolish acts, especially as defined as noted historian Barbara Tuchman did in her book, THE MARCH OF FOLLY.

I imagine they have never read the classic, in which Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Barbara W. Tuchman grapples with the pervasive presence, through the ages, of failure, mismanagement, and delusion in government.

Tuchman explains that for acts to be classified as folly (defined as “the pursuit of policy contrary to the self-interest of the constituency or state involved”), acts have to be conducted over a period of time, not just in a single burst of irrational behavior; conducted by a number of individuals, and not just one deranged maniac.

Additionally, there have to be people alive at the time that pointed out correctly why the act in question was folly. We certainly know that to be true.

It may take a while, but mark my words. IT WILL HAPPEN. History is filled with backlashes equal to or stronger than the action, especially the most foolish ones.