Concerned parents all across the country are asking: What’s wrong with our public schools? What’s wrong with our teachers? All parents are right to ask these questions. The problems are immense. The solutions are complex. There is much to be fixed. Students of all ages are not challenged. They are bored. They are being tested to death. The love of learning is instilled in far too few students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and geographic locations. Policy makers do not listen to parents, teachers, and students.

Additionally there are simply not enough good teachers to go around. All of our kids deserve the kind of teachers we may have had that inspired us to learn, to grow, to become better students and human beings. How do we get them? Why are there so few inspiring teachers? What about our system prevents it? What about the new reforms make it worse, not better? We all deserve answers.

We must be honest and admit we have work to do.

For us to continue to be the democracy we care for, we must provide for a better-educated electorate to help fix our schools, our curricula, how we recruit our teachers and, finally how our teachers are taught to teach so they can be most effectively in today’s world. 

This is all the media moguls at the beck (no pun intended) and call the corporate philanthropies want you to hear and read and see. They insist that only they or their experts know how to fix things. 

However there is much already very good about our schools. There are excellent schools with excellent teachers in excellent districts all around the country. There are programs and styles to be shared. But who knows of those? If you are lucky enough to live in one of them you know. But if you don’t, what information do you rely on to judge American schools and teaches? Who are your sources? More importantly, how can the good be shared?

There are thousands of well-informed academics and educational leaders who cry out but simply are out spent by the misleaders. There are thousands of smart, caring, engaging, and inspiring teachers who must be heard. I am but one teacher trying to make a difference.  The public must be made more aware of what is the truth about American education today before it is too late.