Diane Ravitch

Lincoln Steffens and The Shame of the Cities

Ida Tarbell and The History of The Standard Oil Company

Jacob Reis and How the Other Half Lives

Frank Norris and The Octopus

Upton Sinclair and The Jungle

These writers and their works changed America. Often called muckrakers, they raked the muck of society’s wrongs so that  it floated to the surface of the American Sea for all to see. They were instrumental to the changes that came to American life, politics, and economics during the Progressive Era of 100 years ago.

Today, Diane Ravitch has taken that rake and holds it high as she leads a progressive fight to save public education.  Her book, Reign of Error is this generation’s Octopus, but it isn’t the Railroads she rails against. She rails against corporate vampires draining the blood from our public education system.

Bill Moyers’ PBS show and her blog  are tools that the earlier muckrakers didn’t have and she uses them well.  For example, on Moyer’s show she attacked the lack of leadership in the Democratic Party for not saying NO to corporate invaders. She taught about ALEC, the corporate funded writer of all things legislative,  and was outraged by Democrats for Educational Reform, run by billionaire Hedge Fund operatives who bully teachers.

Finally, Diane keeps up a positive theme by repeating….Why We Are Winning.

We are winning because of our fearless leader: BIG MUCKER…Diane Ravitch.