ImageMonday I had the pleasure of listening to several real experts on the state of education in  the state of NY.

Moderated by Dr. Arnold Dodge, Chair of Ed. Leadership and Administration at LIU-Post, Dr. William Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, Rockville Center; Jeanette Deutermann,  parent activist ( NYAPE, Long Island Opt Out); Jennifer Polychronakos, Principal, Boyle Road School, Comsewogue; Dr. Anthony Griffin, teacher, Central Islip; and finally Nikhil Goyal,  HS graduate and author, each had 10 minutes to tell their story of what is happening in education and what should happen in education.

Fascinating and informative, this forum gave the perspectives of all directly involved in education today except for present day students. NO reformers. NO Foundation heads. NO Corporate leaders. NO Politicians looking for votes.

Among the best statements, in this author’s opinion, are the following:

“Kid’s minds don’t develop linearly.”

“We have seen the loss of the light of the love of learning from children’s eyes.”

“These policies defy common sense.”

“These policies have lost focus on the psychologies of learning and teaching.”

“Superintendents must honor a parent’s right to opt out.”

“According to the SED districts are under no obligation to provide for separate locations or activities for those children refusing to take these tests. Thus the SED is saying Districts CAN do so.”

“I can stay silent no longer.”

“Children are decomposing because of inappropriate work.”

“We never set up our kids for failure but this system does.”

“Learning should be challenging, but goals should be both challenging and obtainable.”

“It is common sense to love kids.”

“Teaching is based on love, not metrics.”

“Make them life and love ready.”

“It’s the WE that matters.”